Publishing on Amazon: e-book and paperback

Today's Internet marketplace makes it possible for writers to get their work published immediately without the arduous struggle to find an agent or publisher. Services now exist that will publish your work worldwide for print-on-demand (POD) and on e-readers… but they are difficult to work with and rely upon technical knowledge the average self-published author is not privy to.

Computers of South Dublin offers a competitively-priced design and support package to prepare and submit your novel-length original writing so it is offered for sale on Amazon to deliver to audiences worldwide. Publishing your work in the two essential forms of e-book and paperback is vital for sales, and the economy of preparing your work for the two media at once is substantial.

Prerequisites: your material must already be edited, to the point where you can certify that any text provided is ready for publication, it must be original writing (i.e., you hold the copyright), and must be in computer files.

For new clients: your package quote will include setting up the online accounts that are used to set prices, monitor royalty payments, and obtain marketing services essential to generate sales of your book. COSD will also create your author profile on Amazon (see example) and provide any "glue" copywriting such as book description and your biographical summary.

E-books & Kindle

Amazon kindle by the pool

Learn how the Kindle format works, the requirements for getting published, and how to get started. COSD support & design service includes setting up your book through Kindle Direct Publishing and handling all technical and administrative details until your account is ready to monitor sales of your published e-book. read more…

Amazon print-on-demand

ornate book with blank cover

Learn what to expect from print-on-demand publishing and why Amazon distribution gets your book farther than local printers that work with self-published authors. COSD support & design service prepares an industry-standard cover and manuscript, working with a publisher capable of marketing your book worldwide. read more…

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