Amazon Kindle e-book service for self-published authors

Kindle formatting looks a web page, the part that you're reading now: with headings, page breaks between chapters, formatting with boldface and italic exactly as you have edited it.

Computers of South Dublin converts your edited files into an Amazon Kindle manuscript with a Table of Contents which is a page with links to each chapter. If your work contains hyperlinks (to jump around between sections of a document), your e-book preparation will be planned so these links work the same way on the Kindle and other e-readers.

Most authors already have artwork in mind for a cover image. If you do, submit this picture along with your online manuscript. If not, COSD will compose a suitable cover image based on a royalty-free stock photo and designed according to your budget.

Your e-book file will be loaded into an Amazon KDP account, with a new account created for you if you don't already have one. This will be used to approve your book and set pricing, and you can take over the administration of this account as soon as the publication process is complete.

amazon e-book example: among the wicklow hillsHow your e-book will appear on Amazon

arrow pointing backward  Click this image to see a working example from a COSD client

Kindle books are delivered worldwide instantly after purchase, and are also sold & viewed on a number of platforms including the iPad, the Sony Reader, smartphones with the Kindle app, and computers running Kindle for PC.

Visitors to your Amazon Kindle sales page will be able to preview the first few pages of your book from their web browser (to try this, visit the example page and click "Read first chapter FREE").

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