Amazon print-on-demand paperback service for self-published authors

In print-on-demand (POD) publishing, a computer design of your book's interior goes to a specialised printer that cuts the pages and puts on the cover. The advantage of Amazon doing this, instead of Irish print-on-demand publishers, is that your paperback will appear all over the world on's enormous sales, marketing, and distribution platform.

If you want your book to be a success, there is no substitute for a solid marketing program, but a good first step is an Amazon listing which will index your book through keywords. The Amazon printing service used can also follow up your book with a press release marketing program, available at an extra charge, that targets your book to stores and distributors in the enormous USA marketplace.

To begin: Computers of South Dublin will collate and format your edited files into a beautiful, readable book layout which you will review during the submission process. You may also submit a cover image along with your material if available, choose a royalty-free stock photo to use in a custom cover design, or use a prefabricated cover design, depending upon your budget.

After reviewing & accepting the proof of your paperback when it arrives, your book will appear as a ready-to-order paperback on Amazon, without you having to maintain a stock of books unless you choose to sell them yourself.

A number of marketing services will then be available through the affiliated printing service, which you may choose based on your book's target market and your budget. The main difference between our offering and Irish print-on-demand services is that your book's publication by COSD will be the beginning of your book's journey, rather than its end.

amazon-paperbackHow your print-on-demand paperback will appear on Amazon

arrow pointing backward  Click this image to see a working example from a COSD client

Visitors to your paperback sales page will be able to get a teaser sample by previewing the Kindle version of your book from their web browser (to try this, visit the example page and click "Read first chapter FREE").

The edition of your paperback that appears on Amazon can also be listed in other book catalogues, such as Barnes and Noble online, depending on the marketing options that you choose after the publication process.