Dublin business networking support: the basics

Computers of South Dublin provides quick turnarounds in Dublin for physical network and wireless support to keep your LAN fully connected.  Installation and support for VPN and firewall equipment keeps your WAN convenient and secure. You may also dictate how your company data may be accessed from, copied to, or synchronised with your other home and business sites.

Wired & wireless networking and office moves

Wired: Many Dublin business sites are long overdue for a network inventory. COSD can trace your vital network cabling and clean up unused wires & redundant hubs in your patch panel, at an hourly cost well below the fixed bids provided by network support companies. From then on your physical network will be simply managed, both daily and in a crisis.

Wireless: When your business grows, moves, or identifies missing wifi spots, COSD will initially visit to make a wireless survey, list any needed access points and other network equipment, and place an order online with you to obtain these materials at distributor's cost, rather than resold at huge mark-ups. This equipment can typically be installed in a single followup visit.

Moving office: The most economical office moves are with non-technical movers who know how to "handle with care" but don't charge a huge mark-up for an "Office IT move." COSD will simply visit before your move to shut down and dismantle your desktop and network equipment, then arrive after your low-priced mover to reassemble the desktops and network connections in your new location.

Off-site file access, backup and disc mirroring

Far more flexible than the Windows server for sharing your company data are network-attached storage (NAS) devices like the Synology DiskStation, providing FTP access to your company files for simple download & upload. COSD can also work with you to set up:

  • SFTP or built-in VPN access: enforce more secure access to your company data.
  • Amazon S3 backup: uploads your critical data partitions to the "cloud." Works out-of-the-box with even the most basic DiskStation models.
  • Offsite mirroring: two or more DiskStations in different locations can provide an off-site backup of the other. This provides a high backup capacity more economically than Amazon, but requires either a VPN (see below) or port forwarding through each router or a VPN.

VPN and firewall setup

A virtual private network (VPN) makes it appear as if two or more networks are joined securely through their Internet connections.  COSD provides this by:

  • setting up VPN firewall routers at the remote locations, or
  • using the built-in VPN features of DiskStations, already used for file storage, to create VPN connections between home or business broadband routers (see Synology VPN Server overview)

COSD also provides remote assistance and help configuring software for company members to access their VPN from individual machines: home office computers, "road warrior" laptops, and mobile devices.