Dublin business IT services: "Pay as you go" and still achieve excellence

Computers of South Dublin business computer services include all home services and more… applied according to your business standards of reliability, economy, and quick response. The off-contract nature of our business support has developed due to the changing economic landscape as well as technological improvements, especially Google Apps.

Problems with service contracts

For years, the standard for IT support agencies in Dublin was for service contracts to only cover the Windows server and network equipment. In these cases, desktop support is generally billed as an out-of-contract expense and charged at an exorbitant hourly rate.

The main assurance for keeping such a conventional contract is the Windows server, most often sold by the support provider. This server becomes like a "ball and chain" binding the business to its IT provider and ensuring that the support payments keep coming.

How to get out of the "server trap"

Companies with in-house servers generally only use them for email, file storage, and perhaps database-driven applications. You can therefore discharge your server and its support contract after moving these services to more economical alternatives:

  • Email services from Google Apps, running over your broadband connection
  • Shared file storage from an inexpensive network-attached storage (NAS) device, costing often less than a laptop, sized as small as a toaster, cool and whisper-quiet (e.g., the popular Synology Diskstation)
  • Database applications have become almost universally available in hosted versions--so they work from a vendor-supported server over the Internet as an cloud service (SaaS). Your application vendor or COSD can help research the issue for you.

Some Windows client/server networks have been set up wherein employees have no access to files and cannot log in unless the server is fully functional. If this is true for your workplace, it is neither normal nor necessary and you are welcome to contact COSD to correct this problem.

How COSD contract-free support provides a superior service level

Within the South City Centre community, COSD support clients are clustered within a small geographical area (see COSD overview for main coverage regions), so response times are short as a matter of course.  Businesses are never oversubscribed due to a long-standing diversification  between professional and home-based clients.

Desktop and application support issues are covered by COSD just as completely as network and server issues, at the same low hourly rate. Medium-sized businesses that retain their enterprise support contracts can rely upon COSD services for fast and inexpensive hourly support of uncovered problems (such as desktop, application, Intranet, and web site issues) as necessary.

Question: How can we plan our small business cash flow if you don't do support contracts?

Rather than provide a "package" based simply on business size like our competitors who offer contract desktop support, COSD can provide an estimate on request after:

  • the bulk of the known problems are fixed, including any migration towards distributed IT services and cloud computing
  • a true "headcount" of all desktop systems emerges, with fractionally used desktops counting as fractions in the total
  • a survey is made of applications and their support issues.

The cost estimate will generally be one support hour per full-time-use desktop per month, plus one hour per month for shared services, plus any estimated time for application support. This figure would be billed at the end of each service month and adjusted for accuracy over time as agreed by both parties.

  • If you're having a business computer crisis: call the support number 01 669 7023
  • Contact COSD for a free email assessment of your business support needs, including how to move towards a server- and contract-free IT environment
  • Read on to Distributed IT services