Dublin business computer training: for executives, employees, and customers

Computer training from Computers of South Dublin is individualised, hands-on, and on-site… generally provided at your office desktops for the improved results obtained through a familiar learning environment.

Though your workplace environment is expected not to be diverse, COSD itself as an educator is vendor-neutral.  For instance, requests to train you in LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice as opposed to Microsoft Office will be just as easily accomodated.

Executive computer training: from orientation to office applications

Personal training sessions are best conducted from one to two hours in a familiar environment (workplace or home office) and may be scheduled on nights or weekends.  Training goals include:

  • Managing personal data & online communications
  • Adapting work load to staff changes
  • Working from a home office
  • Using office programs (Word, Excel & PowerPoint or equivalents)

To plan your executive session, please contact COSD or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following items to produce a training outline with estimated total hours and cost:

  • Your current computer experience and knowledge
  • What you want or need to do with your computer
    • What tasks? (e.g., letter writing, editing photos)
    • What programs? (e.g., Microsoft Word, the GIMP)
  • Difficulties you are currently having

Bespoke employee training: outline, achieve and maintain workplace computer standards

Businesses looking to increase their employee skill sets may contract COSD to train larger groups.  Hands-on training at the employee desktop is not practical for groups of more than four, though larger classes may be improvised in lab environments with a computer on each desk.  Possible training goals include:

  • Achieving a designated competency in office applications (word processing, spreadsheets)
  • Using your company's own application software or online services
  • Adoption of new standards (e.g., moving from paper forms to computer data entry)

Please contact COSD or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide your complete business training specifications in confidence, for a quote of training package estimated cost.  This bid may include a budget for an initial visit to your premises to review your software, documentation and procedures, as well as any time necessary to digest this information into a customised training syllabus.

Question: Can the training be automated?

Yes!  When your material is fact-intensive, requiring personal absorption as with an academic course, trainees will benefit from an online training programme to provide progressive lessons & testing.

This approach also works for your customers, for whom you may be responsible for training in your products and methods.  COSD can provide an Internet-based Moodle course for them to learn at a distance while you monitor their progress and certification.