What is "articulated web design?"

ar·tic·u·lat·ed, adjective

  1. Constructed with one or more features which allow bending of an otherwise rigid structure.

Computers of South Dublin designs web sites with moving parts.  In even the simplest of these, you will be able to rearrange the text and images on your web site, to write in the unique language of your business to your ideal customer… this is called content management.

Other design types meet the common needs of online commerce, education, and user communitiesCOSD also has the programming & development expertise to create a custom / bespoke Internet design according to your exact specifications, working with clients in Dublin, in Ireland, and abroad.

Content-Managed (CMS) design

drupal wordpress joomla

Create an adaptable web site based on free, open-source, evolving software with an attractive, standards-compliant template matching the trade dress of your business. Edit your web site yourself, to attract search engines and your ideal customer. Choose extensions to economically provide hundreds of online business features. read more…

Responsive web design

regresssion of mobile inside laptop inside monitor

Set up your new web site to show naturally on mobile browsers (like a mobile app) or adapt your existing site.  Link your online ads so your sales messages and contact info all show to your ideal customers, both "on the go" and in leisurely mobile and tablet browsing. A radical improvement in web design which COSD has taken to a new level. read more…

E-commerce sites


Use the simplest method for your business goal... Links and buttons for online payments and sales pages to fit into any web design.  Hosted shopping carts, low startup cost & easy to manage.  Online shopping, subscriptions, donations & downloads to your CMS web site.  Robust, dedicated e-Commerce systems for larger online stores. read more…

Educational systems

M in Moodle

Learn about Moodle, the open-source standard for online education. Adapt your computer- or disc-based course to work over the Internet: to supplement a conventional course, to sell on subscription, or to train your customers. Provide a training platform on mobile devices & develop your content in parallel across multiple languages. read more…

Forums & communities

computer people meeting icon

Employ a user forum, also called a bulletin board, for marketing & customer relationships.  Choose between the dedicated forum applications phpBB and vBulletin, or extend your CMS design with integrated forum software for a strong linkage between your online community & the sales message on your web site. read more…

Custom / bespoke design

question mark button

Implement your unique business plan over the Internet. When possible, work with COSD locally in Dublin to intimately guide your development process. Leverage open software (Apache, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Ruby on Rails) and a huge library of Joomla CMS extensions to keep project cost to an absolute minimum. read more…