Custom / bespoke web design for your unique online business plan

You may consider bespoke Internet application development when:

  • Your existing, conventional application is not flexible or network-friendly enough and needs to be redesigned on an Internet platform, or
  • Your business plan calls for an entirely new application to develop from a written specification.

Any plan for a desktop application can be implemented on an Internet framework, often more easily since the Internet itself take care of communications between the data source and its destination.

Computers of South Dublin is able to develop richly featured, robust, database-driven, custom / bespoke web applications at lower than competitor's costs, due to open-source tools & methods that include free and reusable software components.

Why COSD for your bespoke Internet design in Ireland?

In addition to unlimited email contact throughout your application development process, COSD and your business staff will have numerous opportunities to meet in person in Dublin from the first time your project material is reviewed through to its final testing & acceptance.

Many worldwide design partners can provide low bids from abroad, but often cultural or language barriers will lead to difficulties, wasted effort, or unmet project goals. When working with COSD in Dublin, you will have local, close communication with a veteran Internet architect as well as the ability to look over a developer's shoulder as often as necessary.

The economy of open systems

Open systems, developed by consortia rather than private companies, lower development cost and project development time through superior documentation and community support for the systems, languages and methods used by COSD for your project:

Licensing fees are also eliminated as long as code is not used without attribution or undisclosed modifications.  This applies to your commercial, hosted Internet application as well as any packaging of your bespoke application as a product (according to the MIT license for this framework).

Question: how do I know my plan for a bespoke web site isn't "reinventing the wheel?"

That is the first issue we will address when reviewing your plan. First we will check if the site you have imagined can be built from pre-fabricated, open-source, free components, including nearly ten thousand extensions for your Joomla CMS design, and suggest a lower-budget composition of these whenever possible.

When a custom / bespoke web design is mandated, COSD will always build on reusable code libraries for common programming elements like user interface components & database features. The open systems platform makes a far greater number of these available than proprietary platforms promoted by the well-known software monopolies.

Since COSD will leverage both these methods in cases where our competitors would have to plan your design from scratch, our prices tend to be lower, and development times shorter, than project bids submitted by other design firms.

  • Contact COSD for:
    • a free email review of your online business sketch to arrive at a rough budget estimate
    • a free in-person, more comprehensive review of your detailed project specification, in Dublin and in total confidence
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