Online education systems with Moodle

Moodle is another type of CMS called a Course Management System, designed for online learning environments.  It has many of the same features of Joomla (and is also free), though made for special page types such as lessons, tests, discussions, and other activities.  It is used by colleges & universities all over the world as well as for commercial applications.

Please watch the Moodle video and browse the open community hub with over a hundred well-developed courses freely visible.  If Moodle is what you had in mind for your learning environment, Computers of South Dublin will convert your educational materials into a Moodle course to deliver to students, customers, subscribers, and the mobile platform.

The benefits of a PC-based course, without the drawbacks

Training materials are often developed in folders of office documents: word processing and slide show presentations.  Rather than deliver this material to be packaged into a PC-based app, COSD can assemble your material into a Moodle course that will be:

  • no longer tied to particular computers
  • controllable by managed or online payment of course fees
  • still able to run offline, or without broadband access, by packaging the Moodle course so it installs with a stand-alone web server.

An Internet-based education platform for mobile devices

In developing a bespoke training application for the mobile platform, without Moodle a business owner would have to pay the mobile app developer the cost of providing the educational framework for their bespoke software.

The most recent versions of Moodle at this time (2.5 through 2.7) have included responsive themes, including some with the trade dress of the iPhone.  From there it is often a simple matter of adjusting these themes to the trade dress of your company and/or its existing training materials.

If your Moodle needs to be available in a mobile environment, contact COSD to make sure a mobile-ready theme is included in the plan for your Moodle course development.

Moodle as a multi-lingual education environment

When courses are developed for a minority language, it is generally difficult to find translators in the same location as your business.  The Moodle online environment allows local training specialists to prepare your training course, without any language concerns… then translators may log in from any part of the world to provide a page-for-page, idiomatic translation as they develop a parallel course in each target language.

COSD has direct experience and references for preparing such environments, and can provide an online demonstration of how this method would work for your multilingual training initiative.

  • Contact COSD for a free email assessment of how Moodle can meet your training requirement, and to prepare a quote for your implementation
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