Dublin hands-on multimedia support: working with your photos, sound, and video

Most computer-literate people can compose a printed document easily enough by themselves, but the software to work with images, sound, and video is often less intuitive.

Computers of South Dublin has helped clients organise, prepare for presentation, and distribute, all of these types of data… offering an educational problem-solving experience that will leave you any of the required skills yourself:

Photos / Images

  • Manage your photo collection:
    • Transfer pictures from your digital camera or mobile device
    • Organise pictures into folders and group them by subject with tags
  • How to choose paper & print lab-quality photos on your inkjet printer
  • Uploading pictures for sharing with Picasa Web Albums
  • Edit your photos, using the simplest tool required for the job:
    • the native Windows photo editors, for cropping and reducing file size
    • the free GIMP, or commercial Adobe Photoshop, for more complicated tasks
  • Installing & using ImageMagick for bulk & automated processing of images

Sound / Audio

  • Move your sound files between media playing programs, computers, and mobile devices
  • Edit sound files with the free Audacity editor:
    • converting to different formats & compress to smaller sizes
    • normalising volume, fading in and out
    • clipping samples and splicing
  • Prepare your audio CD images for duplication


  • Extract video files from DVDs
  • Edit video files: extract scenes and images and recombine them
  • Convert video files to different formats and resolutions using the free FFmpeg
  • Compile & master video files onto playable DVDs
  • Combine slide shows and soundtracks into playable DVDs

Presentation of your multimedia

  • Use multimedia in your professional and academic presentation
  • Produce unique gifts for special events (weddings, birthdays, graduations)
  • Include audio soundtracks for PowerPoint presentations and computer screen recordings
  • Putting your work on the Internet: uploading to YouTube, embedding on your web site

COSD can also help you design inserts and box covers for your CD or DVD releases and prepare related marketing materials, or provide these designs to your specifications.