Dublin home networking: extend your network and share files, printing & online media

Once household and home office computers are fully connected to each other, family members can benefit from shared access to files, printing, backup disc space, and archives of online media (like music and films).  Computers of South Dublin will help assure that your broadband reaches everywhere in the house and that all computer and entertainment resources can be freely shared.

Extending your wired & wireless network

Broadband routers generally come with wireless access but always have range issues with large or unusually configured houses.  When any computer or location is missing network access, COSD will economically:

  • extend the range of your network by adding a more powerful wireless access point
  • extend your physical network through powerline network connections that eliminate, whenever possible, the need for costly & inconvenient long-running network cables.

File and printer sharing

Since the advent Windows 7 there has been a homegroup feature that provides simple access to the files and printers of other Windows 7 machines.  If you are having difficulty using this feature, or if some or any of your computers are on older versions of Windows, or Apple Mac or Linux, COSD will still be able to set up file and printer sharing.

Some homes also benefit from a shared disc device (e.g., the Synology Diskstation) which provides shared storage for documents and family media, plus space to back up the files on each computer.  Any printer attached to this device will become a shared printer for the entire household.

Most of these network-attached storage (NAS) devices can also be configured for accessing files remotely... so you can access your home files from work, for instance.  The marketing term for this facility is a "personal cloud" and in fact your home NAS system can provide common cloud services at a much larger capacity and lower cost than Internet-based services.

Dedicated media players & video file jukeboxes

Many of these NAS devices are part of, or are designed to work with, a home entertainment system, but can be notoriously difficult to get to work "out of the box."  COSD is ready to help you:

  • install and set up the required PC software
  • help create & organise your audio & video collections
  • help copy your commercial DVD library to your PC or media jukebox
  • setting up tagging services for your video jukebox (to display film information)
  • custom / bespoke requirements (example: help installing MythTV software on a dedicated Linux computer)