Beginning your Linux experience

Here I must paraphrase our Terms of Use which state that any outcome of your using the information in this Linux Support DIY web site section is entirely your responsibility.

This means that you will be able to take all the credit when your neighbors or small business cohorts compliment you on your beautifully running Fedora system.

But it also means that the author or COSD are not responsible if you suffer any material loss such as data on your computer, as could easily happen when installing Windows or any other operating system.

Fedora installation notes, for the business person in a hurry

A test disc image of Installable Live Media is downloadable from the Fedora Desktop Edition page.  You can boot your Windows system off this disc to see what it will look like when Fedora is installed, and even start the install from that disc.

The installation process is self-guiding, plus there is an Installation Quick Start Guide and more in the Fedora Documentation.

  • Since you will be asked which of these you want: KDE and GNOME are the main window manager packages. KDE is more like Windows, and GNOME is something different. If you are in a hurry to adapt your Windows workflow you will be better off starting with KDE. You are allowed to have both, and in general each uses components of the other.