Dublin online marketing support for small-to-medium businesses

To launch or re-launch your business, you may need help that you can't get from a traditional marketing firm.  Computers of South Dublin has two specialised services that are designed to get your Dublin business, or a new product or service, off the ground quickly... whether you are selling in the Dublin market or beyond it.

The services below work best when used together, since the best-performing pay-per-click ads always land on a well-copywritten page prepared for ad viewer. Many business advertisers don't realise that the whole process from ad display to customer contact can be tracked and measured.

When your online marketing is arranged by a business consultant with comprehensive technical skills, the result will be rapid and measurable improvement for the quality and quantity of your incoming business contacts.

Google AdWords & Analytics

Google AdWords

For the new customer, learn what to expect from online ads and get started. Correct common problems resulting from neglected campaigns or poorly managed service. Apply quantitative methods to improve campaigns, make your budget more efficient, and reduce web site liabilities. Get managed support, or à la carte help when you need it. read more…

Online copywriting

feather pen & ink writing

Review the basics of persuasive online writing, in which COSD combines the language and psychology of sales and marketing with the specialised vocabulary and composition of SEO (search engine optimisation). Find how web site organisation is related to search engine & AdWords performance, and how CMS web design can keep your site on top. read more…