SEO web page copywriting & your marketing plan

When you or your staff have difficulty writing copy for your business, or find that your writing isn't performing, an online copywriter should be able to offer you more than a different point of view.

Computers of South Dublin has developed a scientific method of copywriting based on over ten years of digesting the works and tutorials of the world's top Internet marketers. These will be put to use filling the page requirements of your existing web site, your new CMS web site, or your Google AdWords landing pages with optimal results and at manageable costs.

Scientific method of copywriting

The SEO (search-engine optimised) copywriting technique used by COSD, which can be shared with interested clients, is based on these goals which must be met for every web site page:

  • Copy must be benefit-oriented, rather than feature-oriented as technical writers and web designers tend to be.
  • Writing is targeted to the ideal customer rather than a general audience.
  • Writing starts from the prospect, not the product.
  • Section headings and word choices are built from varied combinations of search keywords crucial to your business ranking.
  • Pages must persuasively reiterate a call to action (call us, contact us, add to cart, click to buy...).

How to get started: prepare a rough inventory of the pages you need, with a keyword summary if possible, and contact COSD to schedule a telephone or in-person consultation to convey your subjective site goals, your sketch of the ideal customer, budget, and time frame for completion.

Good copywriting works best with content-managed (CMS) design

When COSD creates your CMS web design, we usually request a budget allowing for each page to have solid SEO copywriting. This is vital when overhauling a conventional web site, when we often see that the text on each page may only be a few sentence fragments written by the web designer amid the stock images.

As with planning a Google AdWords campaign, with a CMS web site you can create categories corresponding to each range of your business, then fill out these categories with rich descriptions of your products or services. For an idea of how this would work for your own business, check the Overview page for this web site and then look at the Site Map.

The strategies of content-managed design and good online copywriting work ideally together regardless of your advertising strategy, since the goal is to keep your web site high-ranked and organically self-advertising. Even today, many well-developed sites are achieving their advertising goals without spending a penny on Google AdWords.

And if you do use AdWords, you will find that a well-organised web site is a pleasure to write and organise campaigns for. A perfect strategy is to keep pointing each of your Google Ads at well-copywritten pages on your site, until you find someday that people are getting to those pages without the ads. That's something to look forward to!