Google AdWords support: Quick traffic to your Dublin business

If new to the Google AdWords™ advertising service... This is how business owners create the short online ads that appear on the top and right side of Google Search pages and elsewhere on the Internet.  They are shown according to what people search for, so you can "buy your way in" to search results immediately even if your web site doesn't show up at the top of Google's list of pages.

Computers of South Dublin specialises in helping small business owners learn what they need to know to set their AdWords expectations appropriately, and to clean up and maintain their campaign health, providing any of the following:

  • a fully managed solution
  • an immediate problem correction
  • a problem-fixing consulting session
  • ...or just help getting started.

Unlike other AdWords service providers who only support managed campaigns, COSD provides AdWords support pay-as-you-go (by the hour as necessary) as well as through a monthly support account.

Starting a new campaign

A working estimate for ongoing small business AdWords support is two hours of consulting time per month, with double the amount required in the first month for:

  • writing a set of AdWords ads for your distinct products or services (see video)
  • creating a list of search keywords for each of your ads
  • dividing ads into campaigns to set daily budgets, delivery, etc.

This is generally sufficient to bring your business into level pegging with your competitors, and to pull ahead in the more unique campaigns that you are willing to fund with an appropriate advertising budget.

To get started: contact COSD to outline the nature of your business, if not already evident from your web site, and your advertising goals.  From our in-person consultation to completing our first month's setup, your business can be generating leads through AdWords and your web site in a matter of days.

Google AdWords "campaign rescue"

This option is most attractive for Google AdWords campaigns that have failed to perform after being:

  • self-started by business owners, or
  • created through "managed campaigns" and maintained by traditional advertising companies.

You can be assured there is room for improvement in your AdWords account itself if either of the following apply to you:

  • you have been putting more money into your campaign without seeing improved results
  • you can see that your ads are being shown, but not clicked on (a clickthrough rate (CTR) below 1% is considered poor)

COSD is able to consistently improve campaign performance, after taking over the management of such campaigns, due to applying Google's own tips for AdWords success more rigorously than our larger, non-technical competitors.  Due to geographical focus, COSD assists very few clients in this capacity and therefore cultivates a personal understanding of the nature and target market of each AdWords client.

Note: the Google AdWords market is competitive and auction-based so improvements may not be possible without increasing advertising budgets. With COSD support you will always know how these increases are being applied, and will be shown how to monitor the efficiency of your campaigns yourself.

Google Analytics and other web site improvements

When you determine that people are clicking on your ads, but you're not getting a healthy percentage of customer enquiries, the problem is on your web site.  COSD offers the following methods of improving your conversion:

  • Google Analytics: allows you to track page visits, time spent on site, and your customer finding a goal (like your Contact page). For conventional web sites, COSD can help adding the tracking code to each web site page and configuring your Analytics account to work with AdWords.
  • AdWords-friendly web design: the Analytics tracking code can be added instantly into the site-wide template of a CMS web design. If you have put off a needed web site overhaul, now is your chance to solve all your problems at once with a Joomla CMS redesign to support quick & convenient creation of new pages corresponding to each AdWords ad.
  • Copywriting services: when you need help writing a compelling landing page for any of your Google Ads.
  • AdWords Extensions:  You may also have seen larger, more detailed ads appearing for your competitors. COSD can help you learn how to become eligible for these AdWords Extensions, and set up your AdWords account to use them.

All these services can be applied, pay-as-you-go or as part of a negotiated monthly support arrangement, until your Google AdWords campaign is paying for itself and providing a steady source of income for your business.

  • Contact COSD for a free email assessment of your business's potential for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and an improved web site organisation
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