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Growing a million-dollar business through marketing strategy
This tutorial, in the form of a story about an example business, shows how fundamental marketing strategies can be applied in succession to transform a little-known business into a million-dollar concern. It demonstrates how an aggressive, intelligent, and highly successful marketing campaign is conceived, constructed and implemented. …read more

Hosting services — The best of both worlds
In the process of explaining why CoTangent has selected two hosting vendors that it recommends exclusively, this article explains little-known factors that you can use to evaluate any hosting vendor. Particularly, it highlights the importance of open systems in the hosting marketplace and explains what to look for in an open systems server. The two recommended plans, one chosen for flexbility and the other for simplicity, are compared and contrasted. …read more

Marketing Technology Tip: Why CSS is printer-friendly
Looking for a Print-friendly version button on the CoTangent web site? Well, you won't find one, and it's not because we don't like your printer. This article briefly explains why the inherent features of a CSS web design only require one version of any web page, which works equally well for the screen and the printer, in addition to providing a level of multiple-media flexibility not present in conventional web designs. …read more

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