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CoTangent has partnered with two associate firms to bring you the best information products available for marketing copy creation and business legal support. I recommend both categorically and believe each to be worth many times its purchase price over the life cycle of any business venture.

Content by Design by Roger C. Parker

Content by Design by Roger C. Parker

Have you ever been "stuck" when writing marketing material for your business?

All growing businesses have a constant need for fresh copywriting and promotional materials to regularly release into the marketplace. Such diverse media as articles, newsletters, e-books (and conventional books), press releases, tip sheets, presentations, seminar scripts, and web site premiums all have one need in common: an organizational framework for rapid, effective creation of persuasive content.

Finally, there is a tool that makes this highest goal easily achievable: Content by Design by Roger C. Parker. Drawing on twenty years of marketing expertise, this is a practical manual for designing marketing communications, invaluable to beginners and experts alike.

Any business, no matter what its market, requires only one thing to succeed in its marketing program: a sincere desire to educate and communicate with an ever-increasing customer base. Content by Design and CoTangent can do the rest.

A concise tutorial on the efficient composition of a wide range of promotional materials is followed by a veritable encyclopedia of features that marketers, writers, speakers and entrepreneurs may incorporate into their own material and then expand upon. Included are over 400 supporting elements… themes, topic ideas, and a comprehensive list of action verbs and modifiers to compel your reader's attention.

Content by Design is a winning formula for creating content that will encourage and draw customers for the life of your business (not to mention banishing writer's block). It is truly a creative tool that no self-marketing business should do without.

AutoWebLaw by Len Thurmond & Bruce Safran

AutoWebLaw legal software toolbox

Are you taking any steps to protect your online business from being sued or shut down due to a legal oversight?

It could happen more suddenly and unexpectedly than you might think, especially if your web site and other marketing materials don't have the standard legal disclaimers.

For instance, all nontrivial web sites must have a privacy policy (a requirement in the European Union, soon to be adopted by the Federal Trade Commission) and a terms of use statement (a disclaimer to protect responsible online businesses from unfair claims).

The AutoWebLaw software application automatically generates these required web site documents for ready inclusion in your web site. It can also prepare contracts and forms to meet a nearly exhaustive array of business legal needs, including:

  • Service and collaboration agreements
  • Disclaimers and licensing agreements
  • Copyright and trademark documents
  • Newsletter disclaimers
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Purchase agreements and disclaimers
  • Software development contracts
  • …with local variants of the most essential documents for Australia, Canada, and UK jurisdictions.

This software also comes with three indispensable legal packages and e-books:

  • A comprehensive guide to all aspects of Internet Law
  • A walk-through tutorial which demystifies the paperwork for copyright registration
  • The Electronic Signature Kit, a system for signing forms online

To my knowledge there's nothing else like AutoWebLaw available. The ready-to-use legal forms in this package can protect your growing business in a wide range of circumstances and save substantial document preparation costs. (For the price of this program, you couldn't even get most lawyers or solicitors to sit down with you.)

Most of CoTangent's marketing design services when provided to the public must be protected by these methods, ranging from an emailed PDF newsletter to the most elaborate web design on the most state of the art web server. Every one of these marketing strategies has potential liability issues that need to be addressed proactively.

This is why I recommend AutoWebLaw to all clients of CoTangent that don't have competent legal counsel at their disposal, in addition to using it extensively in my own business. It's the most comprehensive and economical way I know of protecting my business and its clients against legal frivolities, vindictive lawsuits, and misappropriation of intellectual property.

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