Design and IT consulting for marketing and business growth

Do you have a working relationship with an IT and marketing design professional that can meet all marketing needs of your business, both in anticipation of and in the midst of a rapid growth period?

The mission of CoTangent is to meet all the marketing needs of your business, both to instigate a period of growth and to fine-tune your marketing strategy while this growth is experienced. (See the article Growing a million dollar business for an practical and vivid example of strategy development in action.)

Educated self-interest is your best ally

When your business constructs its marketing program to allow for a broad level of customer participation, sales will generally grow to meet the fillable demand for your product or service. Technically, you must share this demand with your competitors, but where will they be when your marketing efforts keep you constantly on your customer's mind with respect to your target market?

People and businesses are generally motivated by simple self-interest, which in this case will work exclusively to your advantage:

  • Your competitor will not provide the complimentary benefits and regular, informational communications, or other "freebies," since they do not lead to measurable sales.

  • Your customer is looking for "something for nothing," so they ask for and receive your free marketing material. With time, when you have gained their respect and their trust, they will grant you the sale that would have gone to your competitor.

Implement your business growth strategy

Marketing growth through customer involvement is the primary goal of all four strategy components provided by CoTangent. These strategies are designed to grow any viable business concern into a million-dollar business and beyond, just as they can be used to create a new and growing business from a unique product or an individual's expertise.

Often these strategy components will require enhancement, such as:

  • PDF premiums:
    • developing PDFs from arbitrary source materials
    • ghostwriting white papers and marketing incentives
  • Direct mail design:
    • creating graphics and illustration for sales letters
    • adding custom levels of online integration
  • CSS web site:
    • migrating existing web pages and text to use CSS styles
    • preparing complicated graphical layouts
    • designing custom illustrations and icons
  • Open systems web server:
    • identifying and installing software packages
    • configuring advanced email (IMAP, mail sorting & filtering)
    • setting up mailing lists, aliases, and autoresponse accounts
    • installing and managing security certificates
    • customizing FTP server and HTTP server
    • configuring discussion forums and business blogs
    • configuring and populating online shopping cart software

These custom solutions are provided at a cost based on the extra time taken to render them. This is measured hourly for simple projects and daily for large or complex projects. Email consultation regarding project specifications and revisions is included in the standard cost for the four basic services.

The unique benefit of CoTangent to growing businesses is that it provides all the primary components of a modern marketing strategy — graphic design, web design, marketing communications, and Internet architecture — in a single service.

The comprehensive marketing success program that CoTangent has developed can establish your newly marketed business on an efficient, cost-effective, and rapid course towards fulfilling its maximum potential.

to develop a marketing strategy that brings out the million-dollar potential of your business…

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