Fifteen years of experience in server infrastructure design

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My experience as an independent Information Systems consultant in the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley and Boston areas has given me a broad perspective on how the Western world manages information. Working with a wide variety of companies in diverse industries, including both major corporate clients (listed below) and dozens of rapidly growing consulting firms, has been an excellent survey of how businesses of all sizes and stages of growth adapt technology to achieve excellence in both their internal operations and their external market presence.

Business evolution meets personal growth

My exposure to the competitive business software environment while responsible for Network Operations at Harvard Business School left me with a desire to combine what I had learned over the years about the requirements of growing businesses with a means of quickening business growth. This led me to study classical and modern techniques of marketing with the goal of coming up with a process that would allow my future clients to develop their businesses as fast as they were able to accommodate new growth.

In the three years since I left Harvard I have worked independently as a web designer, writer, and educator in the United States, Ireland, and South America. Though most of my clients have been in the USA I am currently enjoying a fresh European perspective while testing in my own business the practical aspects of the virtual, mobile "home" office.

The trends of the last few years towards globablization, compounded by unprecendented outsourcing in the Information Technology marketplace, make it compellingly clear to me that a modern business has to throw itself wholeheartedly into the technological advance, if it wants to survive and flourish, rather than hope for the return of the culturally uniform, familiar, and insulated world of days gone by.

My current status as an independent designer and marketing consultant has grown around a desire to make businesses such as yours stand among those that will be remembered in years to come.

List of major clients as an IT consultant

Harvard Business School, Lotus Development Corporation, GTE Internetworking, Eaton Semiconductor Operations, Levi Strauss and Company, Quickturn Design Systems, Sun Microsystems, TCSI, Pacific Gas and Electric, University of California at Berkeley, Concept Omega, AT&T Communications

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