Direct mail marketing fuels your dynamic web site

Do your direct mail sales and marketing deliver new customers directly into your online ordering system? Are new customer relationships created even if a sale is not immediately made?

Though the most vital components of a modern marketing campaign can be rendered over the Internet, the medium of Direct Mail has not become obsolete. In fact, its appeal and effectiveness have been strengthened by the growing ability to use direct mail marketing to divert new streams of customers into your online sales and marketing engine.

Creating your direct mail marketing system

CoTangent can create an industry standard direct mail design for your marketing piece, with a sales letter and order form, with a unique twist: the ordering information will be replicated on your web site so it matches your sales letter perfectly.

In addition to a great-looking sales letter in print shop ready PDF format, CoTangent can help build a secure online shopping cart on your web server or integrate your web site copy with an online store service provider. Your sales campaign will then consist of a complete and complementary package of online and offline content.

Autoresponse accounts

Next, you can use autoresponse accounts with your sales letter. Customers may not be ready to order your product just yet, but if you don't convert fence-sitters that don't buy into customers that might buy in the future, you've no choice but to try better next time. With a conventional sales letter lacking an online invitation, if they don't buy your product or service, you've lost them as a customer and they've lost track of your business.

If you offer a free incentive as an automatic response to an email message, you're not losing the fence-sitters. You're getting their permission for you to continue to market to them through the medium of email — at negligible cost the next time, not even a postage stamp, let alone the cost of a professional print run.

This marketing can be done through a commercial email service or a free email package running on your open systems web server. A series of sales incentives, or a single one divided into installments, could be distributed at weekly intervals, for instance. As long as you live up to the responsibility of providing quality content and respect your customer's right to privacy, you will be rewarded with repeat customers and a very high-quality sales and marketing list.

Customer Logins: The ultimate in targeted content

A refinement of the procedure above, one that can truly set your business apart due to its rarity, is to include customer logins in your sales letter. This is a novel way to reach business customers at the executive level since it allows you to deliver, as part of a direct mailing, online content personalized towards each individual member of your target audience.

Imagine — Your company brochure, sales letter, and the rest of your direct mail package is introduced with a personalized cover letter that includes a login name (derived from their personal or business name), and a password that emphasizes your respect for their privacy.

The online content you prepare for them is up to you and can range in elaboration from a followup cover letter to a full-featured multimedia presentation. From one executive to another, you can show them how your product or service is essential for their particular business.

This procedure can be adapted for a more general audience by relating the login name to an offer rather than an individual. Your customer will use this login and password to claim a special offer from your web site, after which they will be directed to your ordering page with your sales message still fresh in their mind.

Accelerate your business with Dynamic Direct Mail

CoTangent goes far beyond what most direct mail design practices are able to provide, due to the principal's experience constructing customer databases and dynamic web sites with interactive content. Starting with a great-looking PDF design of your sales letter, online features such as those described above can be added on a time and materials basis, whether it's a simple autoresponse mechanism, a login-driven sales promotion, or a full-featured executive campaign.

Together with a web server that supports automated marketing, your sales letters can have customer conversion rates that will have your colleagues and competitors shaking their heads in amazement.

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