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Most businesses remain unaware of new marketing technologies until they have already become commonplace. The goal of the free CoTangent newsletter, Marketing Design for Intelligent Business, is to draw attention to the marketing benefits of freely deployable applications prior to their adoption by the masses.

Classical issues in marketing are also vigorously covered. It would be nave to think that any computer system could ever be a comprehensive substitute for the personal and human aspects of direct marketing. Great care is taken in each issue to make sure the needs of the human customer are never disregarded in the often chaotic rush towards technological self-sufficiency.

Every two weeks you will get a fresh perspective on a different aspect of modern marketing, along with examples, applications, and procedures you will be able to employ immediately to infuse fresh energy into your marketing campaign. Every issue represents a marketing trend that your business will have the opportunity to adopt before the rest of the industry does.

The following areas are planned for coverage in the near future:

  • Technology: email arcana, forums, blogs & RSS, virtual private servers
  • Organization: technology components of a virtual corporation, Internet groupware
  • Applications: online publishing, XML, new web design standards and technologies
  • Online marketing: search engine secrets, email list growth strategies

Complete volumes of past issues are archived with links to PDF-format issues emailed to you at your request.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a marketing professional responsible for the growth of an existing business, you are guaranteed to benefit from a free subscription to CoTangent's newsletter. Please sign up for your complimentary subscription below… I personally hope to become influential in the growth and success of your business, whatever it may be.

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