Incentives keep visitors coming back to your business

Has your business promotional material been made available in an easily accessible, online format? Do you send this material to your customers regularly, or offer it on your web site?

Thirty seconds of a prospective customer's attention span are all you have to convert a visitor into a customer, and the best way to do this is to offer them an easily delivered free incentive. Once one of these casual visitors responds to an offer of free material related to your business, they are effectively placing themselves in a position to purchase your product or service at some point in the future.

Online permission-based marketing

The key to converting visitors into future customers is to have high-quality incentive material available whenever your new customer asks to receive it. Ideally, the material should be easily delivered online, as with a downloadable file or an email attachment. The PDF format developed by Adobe, now universally accepted, ensures that your material will have all the clarity and fidelity of the printed page itself.

When you prepare a free report, often called a premium or an incentive, and offer it in exchange for a customer's contact information (often only an email address), you are obtaining their permission to engage them in an ongoing marketing relationship.

As long as you continue to share with this customer valuable information related to your product or service, you are guaranteed never to miss a sales opportunity. With regular contacts of this kind, robust sales and productive client relationships are inevitable.

PDF Newsletter

The most effective way to establish these regular contacts is with a PDF Newsletter. One of CoTangent's specialties is PDF newsletter design. Once a month, or at whatever interval is appropriate for the intensity of your marketing effort and the stage in your business life cycle, you can distribute your produced newsletter to your growing email list.

When you decide to implement a newsletter marketing program through CoTangent, first a newsletter template will be designed for you. Your custom template will be based on your specifications of color, layout, and typefaces, including your logo and any other appropriate graphics such as photographs.

The text of each newsletter may be written by yourself or by an independent copywriter, or CoTangent can prepare the newsletter copy from your detailed outline. An eminent associate has developed an invaluable program, Content by Design, to rapidly develop content outlines based on your field of expertise and current topics related to your business.

PDF Premiums

The ability to generate high-quality online designs to market your business doesn't end with newsletters. Any document, report, press release, blueprint, flowchart, portfolio, photograph, or combination of the above can be recast as a PDF premium and offered as a file on your web site. Any text or scannable document can be set in a great-looking graphic design to create incentives for customers to enter into an ongoing marketing relationship with your business.

If you can collect and classify the best of your material, CoTangent can do the rest, turning all the hidden wonders of your business into downloadable and emailable marketing incentives for the whole of the Internet to see. You can also use the Content by Design program to generate brand new material or a detailed outline for a new piece from which CoTangent can prepare the document copy.

Whenever you offer these information products as part of a one-time marketing effort, or as invitations to subscribe to your regular newsletter, you are setting a process in motion that will claim a most valuable share of the online marketplace for your business.

Don't have a web site yet?

For use in offline marketing and mailings, all PDF designs produced by CoTangent are ready for print production and can be proofed and delivered in both USA Letter and European A4 paper sizes. And by all means click here to find out how an open systems web server can slash your operating costs and open up unparalleled marketing opportunities for your business.

to develop a regular PDF newsletter program or a series of PDF premiums and begin building your permission customer base…

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