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CoTangent offers a select group of marketing design services, chosen for their simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness:

Newsletters and PDF premiums
Regular customer contacts are the most effective way to generates sales in any industry. Establishing a high quality newsletter design that can be distributed as an email attachment is a great way to build your customer base quickly while creating a firm, dependable association between your business and your target market. …read more
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Dynamic direct mail design
Despite the omnipresence of the Internet, direct mail remains a valid way of reaching customers and selling your product or service. But it is becoming increasingly important that printed sales messages be distributed as part of a dynamic marketing process. This is accomplished by using a direct mail package as a gateway into the sales area of your web site and a platform on which to offer your online marketing material. …read more
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CSS web site development
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) technology can recast your web site copy so that the format of an entire web site is described in a single file. Benefits: an easily modified and extended web site with rapid new page creation, lower (or zero) web redesign cost, and a likely boost in search engine ranking due to efficient indexing of web site content. …read more
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Open systems server provisioning
The machine that serves your web content can also be the machine that serves your business. Networking technology and open source groupware are turning the dream of the global Virtual Corporation into a reality. An open systems web server can also be provisioned with packages that fulfill specific marketing needs and keep customers coming back to your web site on a regular basis. …read more
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Consulting services
Whether it's setting up a weblog, a customer mailing list, or a bulletin board for your open systems server, or a custom solution to interact with your new customers as you deliver your marketing materials, CoTangent is on hand to help configure software, place downloadable incentives on your web server, and adapt any of the above solutions, individually or in conjunction, to make your marketing efforts more compelling than ever. …read more
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