Volume 1: Fundamental techniques of marketing technology

Does your business have a clearly defined core group of marketing strategies that work with each other seamlessly to build customer lists and create customer contacts?

CoTangent Marketing Design has these strategies down to a science, and in the spirit of "selling to the educated" has prepared these five free reports in newsletter form. They outline the four most effective marketing strategies for relationship marketing, concluding with a practical manual for using them in conjunction to grow your business to its maximum potential.

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Newsletter 01: The Power of Newsletter Marketing

This classic issue is more than just a collector's item. It is the definitive quick tutorial on how your business can use an online newsletter for permission-based marketing to rapidly build a quality list of customer contacts. Preparing a high-quality newsletter campaign is a proven method for transforming eternally fence-sitting customers into regular clients, and this free report takes you through the process step by step.


Newsletter 02: Beyond the Sales Letter

This free report explains the crucial difference between the conventional and modern definitions of a customer and how to use the new definition to shape a marketing plan to yield direct mail conversion rates that will mystify your competition. The dynamic process of a marketing relationship is what drives this phenomenon… how your business can take advantage of it is fully explained in this eye-opening report.


Newsletter 03: Developing Web Sites with Style

Cascading Style Sheet technology has long been hidden from the mainstream marketing community due to a lack of understanding of its benefits for web site marketing. In this free report you will learn the major benefits of having a CSS web site: quick loading of web pages, rapid deployment of new marketing material at a negligible cost, a search-engine friendly page structure, and an attractive aesthetic provided effortlessly everywhere on your web site.


Newsletter 04: The Open Systems Advantage

Everyone knows that you can rent space on a hosting company's web server to host the pages of your web site, but have you ever thought of using your web server as an information-sharing back end for your business? Not only can open systems improve the quality and depth of the experience when visitors access your site, allowing you to market to them far more effectively, but they can also create a context for the flourishing, borderless virtual corporation… this free report shows you how.


Newsletter 05: Bringing it all Together

Experiences of businesses have shown that traditional methods of advertising are losing ground in favor of relationship marketing techniques which engage large groups of customers one at a time. This concluding free report demonstrates how each of the marketing strategies outlined in the first four reports can be used in conjunction with any of the others to create dynamic campaigns that drive new customers into the marketing phenomenon of your business.


2004 Robert Phair

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