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Solving your problems by screen sharing: in Dublin, country-wide, or abroad

      After 13 years of on-site support for clients in Dublin, COSD now provides I.T. support services over the Internet.  A growing number of long time home and business clients have been using this remote support service, proving that the highest standard of computer help is available all over Ireland and beyond.

      The broad range of problem solutions that COSD has always offered, plus the perseverance to never give up on a problem, are often not available from local computer services.  When you have exhausted everything these professionals have to offer, please read the FAQ below and contact COSD to proceed with your solution:

      Remote desktop support in Ireland: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      How can you support my computer remotely?

      teamviewer logoIf you install desktop sharing or remote support software on your computer, you can allow someone else to:

      • see the screen, as you see it
      • type & move the mouse, as if you were doing it

      The industry standard for remote computer support is TeamViewer, available free for personal use.  To save time & keep costs down, you can install this software yourself before our first support phone call… or if you need help installing TeamViewer we can talk through it by phone.

      For our phone calls, best results are from Internet voice services (Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook), or if you can provide an Irish landline COSD will call you at no charge.

      Once we can both see the same screen and hear each other's voice, you can watch the solution to your computer problem develop... taking control of the keyboard & mouse whenever necessary.

      teamviewer login screenIs this safe?  Does it allow anyone to use my computer?

      After installing TeamViewer, by default you will have to authorise every remote user yourself for each session.  TeamViewer generates a random 10-digit number for your computer itself, which you can give to COSD in our first phone call.

      Then every time TeamViewer is started, it also generates a random password which must be supplied for each connection... so the password used for our first call can't ever be used again after you stop TeamViewer or restart the computer.

      This locks out all future visitors unless they have your explicit permission for every visit.  For best results, you will want to observe our entire TeamViewer support session yourself... during which you can click the app to "pull the plug" at any time.

      What kinds of computers & devices do you support remotely?

      mars rover, remotely controlledWell, not the Mars Rover, but... any device that can run TeamViewer is fair game.  Since there is a TeamViewer app for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry, COSD can also observe and fix your mobile phone application problems (setup, email, etc.).

      However, our most efficient work will be when we're connecting through TeamViewer on your home or office computer: including both Windows PC, Apple Mac and Linux (COSD is unique among I.T. providers in Ireland in providing commercial grade Linux support).

        What kinds of problems can and can't be solved with remote support?

        In the great majority of computer problems other than outright hardware failures,

        1. You can see the problem on your computer screen.
        2. You can get to the Internet somehow (e.g. one of your Internet browsers) on that computer.

        When both these are true, we will be able to observe, progress, and solve your problem.  But if either of these things are true:

        • you've completely lost Internet access through your whole premises
        • your problem relates to device installation, cabling, or positioning (e.g. WiFi)

        ... then working remotely will be more difficult, so your first stop should be any local service provider who can do the physical work more efficiently.

        CSA robotics mission controlIf this leaves you still without proper help, we might still be able to solve your installation or network problem remotely with the aid of your mobile phone camera (Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook; not Facetime because it doesn't work everywhere).

        When necessary, COSD has been using the video method successfully so far: both for new computer installations and with WiFi and cabling issues.  In these cases our first, most urgent goal is always to establish Internet access ASAP so we can continue the rest of the work more efficiently via TeamViewer.

          What will the total cost be?  I don't want to go ahead without a set price...

          As with many years of on-site computer support in Dublin, COSD charges for remote support by the hour.  If your computer problem isn't routine enough to fix in a shop, the time to fix it will be highly variable, so this is the only approach fair to both of us.

          An estimate of the time to fix your issue should emerge well within the first hour of our remote support session.  Our goal in this initial hour will be to either solve your problem ASAP or define the issue well enough that you can continue with the solution on your own, if you so choose.

          This is why COSD asks you to pay for the first hour before we begin.  Fractions of an hour beyond the first will be billable at that fraction of the agreed-upon hourly rate.  (This is where working over the Internet provides a unique advantage over local support: since travel time is zero, small increments of work on your project won't be billed as separate visits.)

          The hourly rate quoted will be a euro market price in Ireland: a standard professional rate being the default, minus any discount for more routine work or negotiated for longer duration projects.

            sample spreadsheet work logHow are invoicing & payment done?

            We will keep track time spent on your project, down to 5 minute intervals, in a spreadsheet document including:

            • time spent with you on the phone and/or TeamViewer
            • help installing TeamViewer or other communication / desktop sharing software on your equipment
            • agreed-upon work on other systems or Internet services in the course of solving your problem
            • any necessary background research or communication with third parties.

            When your project concludes, an invoice is generated from this spreadsheet and the agreed-upon hourly rate, showing all deposits including the initial hour.  Both invoice and work log are then emailed to you together.  You can then make the payment with a SEPA transfer in euro currency: online, at any bank in Ireland, or throughout the EU.

              How can I be sure you'll do the work after I make that deposit?

              From many years of Dublin computer support, COSD has an extensive profile of clients, so at your request our email dialogue will include the name, email & phone number of the most recent client whose computer support requirement most closely resembled your own... and which was solved remotely, if possible.

              A-Team membersIf you have a problem that nobody else has been able to help with despite what they have promised, you have the mixed blessing of being in an ideal target market.  A unique degree of self-sufficiency among COSD clientèle has been built over the years, based on homes and businesses who have seen that the best way of doing things often lies outside the "conventional wisdom."

              How do we get started?

              1) Describe your problem in advance, as best as you understand, by email or on the Contact Form.

              • If you need to explore or confirm a potential solution by telephone, please include a landline number & best time to call you (incoming calls are currently voice mail only).

              2) COSD will reply with a brief outline of the next step(s) in solving your problem, also quoting an hourly rate for your approval.

              3) Once you reply to accept this arrangement, COSD will send SEPA bank transfer details so you can make a deposit for the first hour.

              4) COSD will confirm when this deposit is received, emailing a link so you can Install Teamviewer in advance if possible.  From there we will choose the day & time that suit you best for our initial online support session.

              Looking forward to connecting with you,

              Robert Phair, Director COSD