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Don't get MAD at your computer or wireless network... get help!

The most common introduction when people call with WiFi problems in Dublin is: The WiFi is driving me mad.

With a growing 13 years of experience fixing and installing Dublin wireless networks, as well as improvements in consumer WiFi, COSD is able to treat these intractable problems & installations more routinely than ever.

If your WiFi is slow, spotty, intermittent or nonexistent, please read the FAQ below or contact COSD to start straight away with the solution:

Frequently Asked Questions from Dublin WiFi & network support clients

guy upset by no WiFi from routerWhy don't Irish broadband companies handle WiFi problems & distribution issues?

Their support staff are only trained to deal with common wireless equipment difficulties connecting to the WiFi built into their broadband router.

In general, Irish broadband companies will disqualify you for WiFi support whenever any of these apply to your affected equipment:

  • using a different router, e.g. to reach a wider area in your house
  • any other devices not being provided by them (repeaters, signal boosters, powerline adapters)

In other words, they can't assume responsibility for helping you with all the solutions you'd need in order to make the WiFi reach beyond the limited range of the router they provide.

What do house and home office holders do wrong when trying to fix it themselves?

In at least half the recent cases (beginning 2016), clients already have already had the right equipment but didn't have it set up right.  This is especially the case for the powerline adapters (e.g. TP-Link) commonly sold around Dublin, which work simply & reliably but are difficult to install if you've made the wrong assumptions about what the devices do.

network cable, surprised guyThis is usually good news, since the right WiFi equipment installed wrong means we are halfway there and can fix your problem in one session.  It's always most welcome to have a technically inclined family member present, so they can learn to handle further moves & changes without having to call for help again.

Another common case is when wireless equipment, especially a WiFi repeater sold as "plug & play," doesn't work as advertised: as with most wireless repeaters which don't work with equipment from different companies.  When changes are necessary, COSD will help you choose network components with a great track record that install quickly and work consistently.

How much will it cost for you to fix my WiFi?  I don't want to go ahead without a set price...

COSD charges for all computer problems by the hour, and fixing WiFi problems and installing wireless equipment has wild variables including:

  • whether or not you have the right equipment already, or need to order it with our guidance
  • which solution is most appropriate for you:
    • powerline adapters (preferred)
    • wireless repeaters
    • mesh networks (e.g. Google WiFi)
  • the quality of your house electrical system (if using powerline adapters) or Ethernet cable wiring (if you have built-in house wiring)

If new WiFi or network equipment needs to be ordered, that is done in a short first visit, with a longer second visit to install the new components when they arrive. The great majority of WiFi problem cases can be handled in 3-4 hours total: even less in ideal circumstances. 

Are two separate visits for the installation always necessary?

No, because in many cases the client 1) has already purchased the right equipment and just doesn't have it configured correctly, or 2) lives within range of a shop that sells what we need (see next section).

TP-Link powerline starter kitCOSD has a comprehensive knowledge of Dublin WiFi equipment friendly stores where network items can be obtained on the spot: quickly and cheaply.  This includes powerline extenders, high-powered WiFi routers, extra wireless access points, and high-gain USB wireless receivers.

What are the best stores & brands for wireless and other network equipment?

TP-Link offers the best quality to price ratio and has widely available, easy to install, reliable network hardware in every one of the above equipment categories.

The most common & useful of these are sold in Argos, Currys / PC World, Power City, D.I.D. Electrical, and Maplin. Anything less common is available quickly over the Internet from Ireland based Elara (West Dublin) and Amazon UK.

Note that the Powerline access points shown in this picture are the most common solution, athough TP-Link has other offerings for more demanding home networks (with gaming & media sharing) or higher grade powerline connections (which can make up for bad wiring).

Why can't you help us out in X (far outlying area of Dublin)?

COSD is a zero-carbon business: travel by cycling & public transportation, from a point close enough to monitor any intractable WiFi problem without incurring excessive call-out charges, is an important part of that service commitment.

This helps COSD to offer WiFi service & installation without call-out charges in Dublin 4 (Ballsbridge, Donnybrook, Merrion, Irishtown & Ringsend), Dublin 6 (Ranelagh, Rathmines), Dublin 2 and Dublin 8 (close to City Centre), Booterstown and nearby areas in Blackrock, and the inner parts of Dublin 14.

If you live farther away, please be prepared for a call-out charge equal to the time that would have been spent in a return trip by car from the COSD home office in Dublin 4.

More questions?  Ready to get started?

Please email or phone, then schedule your initial WiFi visit: