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Welcome to Computers of South Dublin, your first point of contact for the computer needs of your small-to-medium enterprise, home office, or household in the Dublin area.  Please copy the phone number above in case of an urgent computer problem, and call or email anytime for a quick, no-obligation assessment of your computer requirement or quick, on-site service.

The only Dublin computer consultancy bridging the gap between home and business computer services

Located in Ballsbridge since 2005, COSD provides software and network repair services, with on-site consulting to install, maintain, develop, and customise the computer facilities in your home, home-based business, professional office, or Internet enterprise.

No matter what the scale of your organisation or the nature of your problem, clients always benefit from a personal and educational approach... working through problems together whenever possible, so you know how to solve them the next time.

Home services

home office computer

A level of consultation and troubleshooting formerly available only to enterprises is offered to Dublin homes and home offices as well.  Services are provided on-site, ranging from computer software & network repair (broadband problems, virus removal) to maintaining your quality of life online (email & mobile devices, safety & backups, home networking, multimedia) to setting up your efficient, cost-effective home office. read more…

WiFi repair & setup

wifi repair tools

Applicable to both homes and businesses, including home offices: anywhere your broadband provider's WiFi router doesn't reach your whole premises. Residential or small business wireless problems can be sorted in a morning or afternoon of work, based on a growing 12 years of experience fixing problems that broadband companies and other technicians have walked away from.

Business services

buiness office computers

…with personal attention, flexibility, and economy not available to business tied into conventional support contracts.  COSD works with Dublin businesses to adopt distributed services and cloud storage & computing, to reduce or eliminate the need for a costly on-site server, with complete support à la carte for building and improving your company's computer network and desktop / application environment.  read more…

Articulated web design

joomla CMS logo

… web sites that go beyond the brochure.  Develop a content-managed web site to deliver your Internet sales & marketing message in a language that only you, the business owner, can write… then add features for online commerce, customer relationship management, or social networking. Create a knowledge base or online education system, or realise your unique online business plan with a custom / bespoke design. read more…

Online marketing

globe inside computer screen

Create online resources that identify and engage your ideal customer.  Get immediate attention for your product or service in whatever location you choose with your Google AdWords campaign, directing targeted leads into your web site.  Then work with COSD to organise and develop the written material on your site, with online copywriting that maintains the interest of your chosen target market. read more…

Internet publishing

amazon kindle

Publish your edited documents in either or both of these forms: your e-book release will be formatted for electronic reading devices and presented for sale on the Amazon Kindle store, and your print-on-demand paperback will be attractively designed & covered and sold on Amazon all over the world, with help available for complex issues such as marketing your book internationally. read more…

Linux support

linux penguin computer expert

Take a step beyond the conventional Windows environment to incorporate the variety, economy, and flexibility of the open systems desktop and application environment into your home and/or business life, with a forthcoming DIY resource kit to begin your Linux experience. For existing home and professional Dublin Linux installations, COSD will address your migration and compatibility issues with support that only an open systems veteran can provide. read more…

COSD is pleased to make computer support and consultation visits in the following areas with no call-out charge: Dublin 4: Ballsbridge, Donnybrook, Sandymount, Merrion, Ringsend & Irishtown; Dublin 2: Dublin City Centre; Dublin 6: Ranelagh & Rathmines; Clonskeagh. For other areas, a visit may be arranged with a modest charge, depending upon travel time, which is typically waived for longer visits.