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What is the Centre for Open Systems Deployment?

Originally formed in 2002 on a dark continent, to support Linux in green-field economies by providing specialised consulting services and training materials, COSD has evolved over the years to provide unconventional I.T. support, design, and analysis to help open minded businesses & individuals capitalise on the superior open source solutions that have existed for decades outside the commercial mainstream.

Currently the Centre for Open Systems Deployment (locally called Computers of South Dublin for a few years in the middle of this period) represents over 30 years of experience bringing Linux and other open source and/or distributed systems into homes, professional practices and businesses: across four continents and encompassing a huge variety of industries and creative endeavours.

As of 2020 our primary focus has been standards and education for cryptocurrencies and their applications: particularly our all-around favourite of Cardano.  In frequent travel and field research we organise users' groups and discussions in local areas, usually around expatriate communities, in support of digital nomads and others who are seeking both online and offline freedom.

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