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COSD, the Centre for Open Systems Deployment, represents 30 years of experience bringing Linux and other open systems into homes, professional practices and businesses across four continents, encompassing a huge variety of industries and creative endeavours.

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Question: Why is this site focused on writing when everyone else is using video?

As the writer, developer, analyst and standards architect behind COSD, from its early days in Linux backwaters to the modern crypto era, I do believe that written documentation and informed persuasive writing provide a framework for sustainable innovation that video cannot.

After 20 years of cultivating specific audiences of Linux users (as part of a 30+ year career in I.T), in the New Year of 2020 I was referred to Cardano, the most full featured cryptocurrency the world has yet developed, and realised my Linux training, support and integration experiences had to be entirely re-tasked in favour of it.

In the second half of 2020 I've chosen to focus on writing and standards development rather than contributing to the usual cryptocurrency hype through repetitive and congested media like video and social networking.  In the long run, I believe this will be more effective to show long time devotees of competing cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin what potential there is in Cardano, during a period when all three will thrive, compete, coexist, and inter-operate.  Solid writing for these, and for the finance & investment community as a whole, will be essential.  The goal is to support an ever rising ADA which would provide far more value than anyone's few percentage points from Cardano staking.

Year 2020 has seen extraordinary censorship on all social media, especially YouTube, on subjects many governments have effectively commandeered… this authoritarian trend suggests the same might someday happen with some or all cryptocurrencies.  It would be a shame if all Cardano's culture, documentation and tutorials were focused on a single, centralised video platform where anti-crypto / anti-Cardano bias or censorship could appear at any time.  The more balance the Cardano community has between video and writing / blogging / web pages, the more resistant it will be to any hostile social, political or regulatory environment in the years ahead.

In the meantime, every day of 2021 will see material shift around on this site, with a more engaging visual presentation (like following a map of related concepts).  So please keep coming back often, and contact us about however our interests might come together.

Highest regards, Robert Phair, Founder & Director COSD

Last updated: 06 March 2022 03:54 UTC