Cryptocurrency Support and Development

Security, development & staking resources for Cardano & other crypto users

The Frankenwallet: USB encrypted drive for key management

CIP Editing: Supporting Cardano's evolving standards

COSD Cardano Ada Stake Pool

Cryptocurrency security through Open Systems

For those directly involved in cryptocurrencies, we will have a working set of checklists, scripts and tutorials to produce a higher-security environment (Internet restricted or fully air-gapped) to securely generate keys, addresses, and stake pool resources.  With these instructions, users can build an encrypted bootable device (the Frankenwallet) which provides the same security assurances of commercial hardware wallets, available at negligible cost plus a time & educational commitment.

Delegation to the COSD Cardano Stake Pool will in turn support the development of the Frankenwallet, supporting the interests of Cardano business owners & stake pool operators as well as the cryptocurrency community at large.  Input from the public, especially from the Cardano community, is welcome: to keep refining these tools for better usability & security.

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