Linux Resources & Migration Guides

Adapt your Windows and macOS home and business workflow for Linux

A complete migration guide for homes, businesses, crypto holders, and developers.

Follow the migration guides below for a series of “how-to” articles for a comprehensive home office setup free from closed source software, especially catering to users with demanding security requirements, especially those with a need for safe & private handling of cryptocurrencies.

The world needs Linux as much as it needs Cardano & cryptocurrencies… we believe people need control over their online privacy and independence just as much as they need the financial autonomy provided by cryptocurrencies.

Linux Migration Guides: page outline

Cryptocurrency support & general self-sufficiency through Open Systems

Conventional (closed source) software and conventional economic systems like banks have thrived for decades in our modern world based on limiting users' capabilities exploitatively.  Linux, by contrast, has an expansive approach which does the same thing for a user's creative freedom that cryptocurrencies will do for users' economic freedom: removing the institutionalised constraints that suit only the infrastructure and intellectual property owners.

A coming decade of remote working and distributed enterprise means also that all software for financial record keeping, not only for cryptocurrencies but also for fiat, will need ever more rigorous security standards... good enough for any bank terminal.  Yet most home / home office computer environments are provided by Microsoft and Apple full of inevitable, exploitable security flaws, including institutional data mining.  Following the COSD migration guides will be the best first step to keep financial resources & personal information safe from institutionalised exploitation as well as hacking and theft by rogue entities.

Last updated: 24 September 2021 12:20 UTC