Linux and Open Systems in Dublin

After years of personal evangelism on the part of its founder, Computers of South Dublin has come forward as the only small business consultancy willing and able to stand by a commitment to help you make Linux desktop & application software part of your business IT strategy as well as your home computer environment.

From the COSD founder: Why Linux is ready for Dublin homes and businesses

For years, the business community in Dublin has been reluctant to use the Linux desktop for anything more than a development and testing environment for computer programmers. A lot of money has been invested by the resident software monopoly to condition business owners all over the world that a free, open-source operating system will never be stable enough to base a business on, and this idea has found unusually fertile soil in Ireland.

However, the increasing stability of the major Linux variants, including the Fedora platform on which this site's growing DIY section is based, have made it possible to throw off this conditioning without fear of losing either business productivity or peace of mind.

If no business owner wants to be the first to adopt Linux for mainstream business desktop use, then let me tell you I have already done so. Since April 2011 my own business workflow has not relied upon any commercial operating system or application software, and my business productivity has been greater than ever before. I am also happy to say that the Linux environment is the centre of my home-based computer lifestyle as well.

As the Windows platform continues to gravitate toward a mobile device-like interface to encourage a culture of consumption, the Linux platform will continue to grow as it promotes a culture of creativity. And as cloud services and large-scale virtualisation make the desktop operating system less relevant for highly engineered software, the homeowner and business owner alike will be completely free to choose which paradigm they live and work by.

Anyone choosing to live with Linux has chosen to live with correctable, unpolished difficulties, just as Windows users continue to live with polished, uncorrectable difficulties. The resources in this Linux section, as with the on-site support that COSD offers, will be supplemented with practical information and insights until our friends and clients can understand & enjoy all the benefits of both worlds… regardless of which one they maintain a preference for.

Highest regards,

Robert Phair, Director
Computers of South Dublin

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