Set up the Cardano CLI


option 1. Compile directly on the Frankenwallet

(other option: build it in Ubuntu 20.04 on your stake pool server)

open the save instructions from the Cardano Github and begin following them.

  • We’re using the installation prerequities for Ubuntu & Debian.

[DON’T duplicate it again here]

If you saved them as recommended in the beginning with your own computer’s files, run Files (the file manager), go to “Other locations” and then find your home files in the list of disks on the native computer.

some issues you may find, or find incomprehensible, about trying to do this build on the Ubuntu GUI:

  • when putting cabal into ~/.local/bin or ~/bin it still doesn’t run from the command line.
  • That part of your environment is only read by `bash` at login, so you have to log out & login for ~/bin to be incorporated into your $PATH as you are telling it to do in ~/.profile
  • Q: if we have our local file storage for our host machine available on the frankenwallet, why are we slowing things down by putting & building all these files over a slow USB disk connection?
  • A: because we want to be able to REbuild them when there are new software releases...
  • If we have the source files on the insecure / dirty host, we can never really be sure if some malicious code was not injected into them... which is much easier to do into source code than it is into compiled binaries... not to mention commands or scripts put into the Makefiles or configure scripts which would then run as the user inside the secure environment.

option 2. Compile on your stake pool relay & copy to Frankenwallet

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