Cardano secure workflow

Note if you intend to use the Frankenwallet in the "cool" environment (i.e. requiring a bare minimum Internet connection to maintain a node wallet, e.g. Daedalus, or even a discreet Yoroi or other browser plugin wallet isolated from your main system, but not from the Internet), skip to:

Cardano "cool" environment

Q: There's no section here to install the common stake pool tools.  Why?

A: We're aware that scripts exist for stake pool operations — to generate the cardano-cli syntax in these templates and for tedious activities like summing UTxOs at addresses — but we're keeping the Frankenwallet instructions for Cardano agnostic to all these because:

➤ We can't endorse programs developed by third parties without also endorsing a security risk if a script had a hack, exploit, or back door.

Some feel more anxiety when running scripts they can't or don't have time to understand every detail of, and others feel more anxiety doing things by hand.  That's why the Frankenwallet offers templates to the user can see exactly what's being done in the CLI and fine-tuned it to their specifications.

➤ The partition between scripts & templates — which the Frankenwallet user can copy, paste and edit themselves — keeps a complete record of everything that was done.

This is likely to help users at all levels in case anything goes wrong with the prepared transaction OR resources are created in the blockchain that need to be traced or debugged later.

➤ Most importantly the Frankenwallet is designed for the user to install any of these tools they choose.

This should be as easy as copying these scripts into the Frankenwallet user's ~/bin directory from the host folder, after saving them there on the host machine.  As the author I won't advise people about how best to install these, because I have no experience at all with these tools.

In summary: any stake pool management or Cardano tools specifically designed to run on a "cold machine" will also work on the Frankenwallet.  If you plan on doing this, you might skip the "Templates" section… though the protocol for keeping transaction records & data should still be of use to you.

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