Cardano & Daedalus in the "cool" environment

Using the Cardano node wallet Daedalus on the Frankenwallet partition

For Cardano non-SPOs, the Frankenwallet will also provide a means of installing Daedalus if they have security reservations about keystroke logging, screen capture, virus infection, or any other means of compromising commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows.  This option may also be work for for node wallets of other blockchains: e.g. Ethereum, though you'd need a much bigger memory stick.


MOST IMPORTANT PART - saving your wallet phrase securely

  • THIS is what the “common denominator” user needs the walk-through for!

when times comes to “verify your passphrase” and “make a secure copy” - you can copy & paste to LibreOffice in perfect fidelity.

  • MUST tell them to make a paper copy (hopefully temporary) because, if that computer gets struck by lightning AND if you have transferred funds into that wallet immediately, WHAT’S ON THIS COMPUTER IS THE ONLY COPY OF THAT PASSPHRASE.
  • Likewise for storing your “spending password” that you set for this particular wallet.
    • You don’t have to set the same spending password for this wallet as you do the Unique password.
    • In fact you can use a more familiar password for this particular wallet... since nobody is getting into it without your unique password entered when the system boots up.
    • You just need to have something there in case somebody comes to the computer while it’s unattended... so they can’t transfer all your ada away from you and then run off.

(optional) Add swap space (as determined above), if you have any less than 16GB RAM (Daedalus can use more than 8GB)

  • Follow the instructions here (Ubuntu Swap FAQ)… to add a swap file and not a swap partition which would be a bad idea on the Frankenwallet.

Now you should be ready to install Daedalus on the Frankenwallet partition as per the official installation instructions.

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