Choose password: Low security

Your "regular" encryption password, also for routine encryption on the host computer

You probably already have a password like this: one you would use to encrypt your most sensitive files before saving to shared media, sending over the Internet, or storing on a cloud-based backup.  Therefore this password has two requirements:

  • it has never been transmitted over, or stored in, cleartext on the Internet
  • length & complexity enough to hash to about 2^128 possible values (at least 20 apparently random characters)

This password will be used to encrypt:

➤ Documents you save on the host computer to be opened in the Frankenwallet (e.g. data to use in command scripts, with your private transaction details)

➤ Documents you save on the Frankenwallet which you will need easy access to, and will back up from, the host computer (i.e. of relatively low security: without private keys or seed words)

➤ Archives of these "low security files" (examples for the Cardano blockchain) stored on the host computer:

  • stake pool maintenance files:
    • delegation certificate (delegation.cert)
    • pool certificate (pool.cert)
    • your pool stake address, key, and certificate (stake.addr, stake.vkey, stake.cert)
    • KES and VRF verification keys (kes.vkey, vrf.vkey)
    • cold counter and cold key pair verification key (cold.counter, cold.vkey)
      • (this term "cold" has a slightly different meaning than the general one here)
  • addresses with verification keys for:
    • your pool pledge (payment.addr, payment.vkey)
  • any other Cardano address (*.addr)
  • the public / verification component of any key pair (*.vkey)
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