Transaction templates & data


How to use templates (see Cardano examples)

  • Preparation is different every time (putting values into variables, recorded here when possible).
  • Scripts are always the same: copy & paste directly from here
    • Keep old scripts around since syntax is likely to change over time.
    • Otherwise just copy the last one that was used for same purpose.
  • (parens) around long strings that might be missing a character or two - don’t copy them! Just the data between parens!
  • cat > is to set up the values in the FW so they don’t have to be stored on the host machine (not even addresses).
  • VARIABLES are in all caps - used to compute things inside the FW.
  • boldface values are different each time.
  • protocol.json goes right into scripts folder - Not confidential!

suggestion: transaction name files should have the same basename (“tx”)

  • doesn’t help us for instance to use the word “withdraw” when the transacdtions are always named in the same group
  • sometimes we’d like to cut & paste a transaction script without changing all the names.
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