File encryption levels

Ensure your LibreOffice documents store cryptocurrency data with the correct level of security

Your high security file: wallet passphrases

Use the password for the Frankenwallet itself, as suggested earlier here.

Not convenient since you can't cut-and-paste or visually copy the wallet passphrase from your Frankenwallet screen to the live copy of Daedalus or another wallet on your host computer

  • but more reassuring knowing the only copy of your wallet passphrases is safely backed up with a password that can never have been compromised because it's never been entered over the Internet.

Besides your personal data for wallet storage, you might also consider using the Frankenwallet for other high security data:

  • details and access information for discreetly held cryptocurrency and/or conventional assets
  • a encrypted file containing a living "will" with your cryptocurrency assets, possibility with instructions for their distribution... with a password kept separately and delivered to the executor upon your incapacitation

Low security data: transaction records

Use the password you normally use to encrypt files on the main computer, as suggested earlier here.

➤ Note this is called the "low security" password for the Frankenwallet environment, even though it's likely to be the highest security encryption password that you ever ever use on your daily computing environment.

These transaction scripts, which are a mixture of data from a live node and other "hot" information accumulated on the host computer, to then be processed in a "cold" Frankenwallet session, unless deleted will also securely accumulate your transaction history.

  • Therefore this data is at a lower security level, since it might be used to establish ownership but cannot be used to steal your funds.

Some users might prefer to keep wallet passphrases in files encrypted only with the low-security password, for the sake of convenience & verification: to regularly verify the correctness of the wallet passphrase in the host environment and the accessibility of that backup file.  Many users will consider that ability to be a security feature in itself: so if you choose to do this, please always keep this security risk in mind:

➤ There is always a chance that any encryption password ever entered on your "daily driver" machine, even if most carefully kept (i.e. never entered on the Internet itself), has been compromised.  If that happens, either on your computer or on any computer or cloud service where that file is stored, that program or malicious user identifying your wallet passphrase would be able to steal all of your funds.

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