Notes on apparent errors and difficulties you may see:

“wspanish” (or other insignificant) package can’t be added during installation time... this is harmless & can be ignored.

  • errors seen during installation (inconsequential) in 20.04.1 release
  • “wspanish” package has a dependency problem. If it stops the installation to complain about this, just ignore the problem and click Continue.
  • Any dependency problems found in the installation are almost guaranteed to be cleaned up the first time doing an apt update in the booted system.

“snap” won’t go quietly

  • LVM is installed as a snap, and I think we have a dependency problem.
  • I managed to scuttle one system by removing one of the snaps, even though it wasn’t LVM.

when asked to "run fsck manually on root” to start after a disk check failure

  • likewise if writes fail, and you try to save a file in the shell and it says "read only file system”
  • we've had no positive results from actually running fsck on root as it suggests.
  • therefore best to reboot when you see this message
  • If you see this message repeatedly then you probably have to reinstall... another argument for saving all Frankenwallet files in either high- or low-security encrypted backups on the host machine.

if you can't Restart or Shut Down after you get in that "read only" state, it's no problem powering off.

  • no point doing a "sync" since any further writes to the disk are impossible: therefore you're not losing anything further by powering off the machine (without being able to shut down, in fact it's the only thing you can do).
Page created: 22 September 2021 17:18 UTC
Last updated: 27 September 2021 18:44 UTC